Friday, 8 February 2013

memories lasts forever :'D

well , hye and assalamualaikum .
this gonna be a really short posts .
really2 short .
trust me .
so , here we go .
i present to u a picture of ..
a really UNITED batch .
our memories will lasts forever .
luv u all !! <3

Thursday, 7 February 2013

kita tetap kawan sampai JANNAH ;')

Assalamualaikum and hye guys . :)
currently at home , bawu balek dary maktab , still wearing the school uniform , eager to write .
yeah . aq still pakai baju skola . so what ??
ader aq kesa ??
naaa . sebenarnya dlm mood sedih skrg .
sumpah sedih !!
why ?? my friends and i will NOT be together starting next week .
damn !! naper laa perlu pindah ??
ika and i will be going to mrsm taiping .
zuraida will be going to mrsm pengkalan chepa .
aen and anis k will be going to mrsm langkawi 
 ainnur will be going to mrsm pasir salak .
nurin shasha will be going to mrsm jasin .
aina and izyan is staying at mrsm baling .
see ?? we are going to a different school .
can u guess how sad it is ??
it's like some part of u are missing .
nape aq bold kan mrsm baling ??
 well , that school gave a lot of memories to all of us .
juz imagine .
u stayed there for almost 3 years .
well , it's a boarding school .
u are staying in a hostel . it's like a one big family living under the same roof .
so , u'll definitely have FRIENDS who is always by ur side .
no matter when u're in trouble or not .
and , suddenly some of u have to MOVE .
tears . don't know how much gallon of tears had been used .  
   yeah . we cried a lot .
i mean , a LOT !!
well , just said about moving out .
automatically the tears will be running down our cheeks .
ckp pasal nanges , ader satu citer .
well , ingad pasal bdax yg aq suwoh tnye at zuraida zulkapli ??
mase at dewan tady , aq nampak dye pelok bdax laki yg nak pndh .
tetibe jaa air mata 2 gatai nak keluar .
huh ?? ha'ah . dye stay at mrsm baling .
and , seriously .
that was the first time aq nanges sbb lelaki yg bukn mahram aq .
haa . suci an aq nie ??
i was like , " damn . what am i doing ?? "
tapy , serius aq ckp nk berpisah ngan kengkawan yg duduk satu bumbung yg sama ngan kita mmg susah .
ye laa . kite tinggal at asrama lebih lama dary kite tinggal at umah .
mmg terasa cam berpisah ngan family jaa .
tapy ,, hujung taon nie kitorg da plan nk jumpe at KL .
nak ikot ?? jom laa .
haha . harap sangat bole jumpe diorg agy .
mase berpisah ngan kengkawan dary skola kerajaan x sesedih berpisah ngan bdax maktab .
naper ??
sbb kite da kenal aty budi masing-masing waktu tinggal sesame .
skola kerajaan x terasa sangat sbb pagy jaa g skola . ptg 2 konfem ade at umah .
bile at boarding school , pagy , ptg , mlm kite ngan diorg jaa .
memang sedih gila laa bila nk b'pisah .
serius harap TAK lost contact ngan diorg .
korg , korg kwn yg terbaik yg aq penah ada .
setakat nie saja laa warkah kali ini .
harap b'jumpe lagy .
to JaJa , gud luck weyh . 9A++ SPM oke ?!
jaja saper ? tanye laa kengkawan i . haha .
nite sume .
assalamualaikum . ;D